Curriculum Guide and Activities

Download Curriculum Guide  

This curriculum guide, developed by Leigh Courtney, Ph.D., incorporates Common Core State Standards for literacy and math. It includes:

  • Discussion Questions
  • Activities
  • Sequencing Story Events
  • A Day in the Life of a Seagoing Cowboy activity sheet
  • Helping Here at Home chart

The author would love to hear from teachers about your experience with this curriculum guide, as well as other activities you develop that meet national or your state’s standards. New activities will be posted here, along with the teacher’s name, school, city, and state.

The author would also love to receive copies from teachers of some of your student responses to the Activities page. Selected student work will be posted with the name of the teacher, school, and grade level. No student names will be posted for privacy reasons.

Teachers who especially relate to the activity of researching Heifer International may be interested in Heifer’s wonderful Read to Feed program. I’d love to hear from teachers who participate in Read to Feed as a result of learning about the program here.

Happy reading and teaching!


Other Activities

Photo Matching Activity

Print out, cut apart, and match the photos of 1946 and 2007 Gdansk, Poland. Photos taken by seaman Will Keller.

Coloring Pages

Three illustrations from the book are outlined for coloring.